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Republic Services Clerical Ratify New CBA at Newby Island!

(Santa Clara, CA)  Teamsters Local 350 is proud to announce that the members at the Allied Waste Services of Santa Clara/BFI Newby Island Clerical Unit unanimously ratified their contract on February 22, 2024. Following months of negotiations, the agreement marks a significant milestone for the clerical unit.

Negotiations initially encountered a stall in November, prompting the Local Union to take a strike vote on December 5, 2023. The possibility of a strike served as a pivotal moment in the negotiation process, highlighting the unity and determination of the clerical unit. Had a strike ensued, the entire Newby Island Landfill operations would have been brought to a halt, underscoring the critical role of the clerical staff in the facility's functioning.

The ratified contract encompasses two bargaining units under one Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), representing a total of 10 dedicated members. The classifications within the unit span from Ops Clerks, Dispatchers, Billing Processors, Maintenance Shop Clerk, AP Coordinator, to Credit Specialist, each contributing essential functions to the operational efficiency of Newby Island Resource Recovery Park in Milpitas.

Key highlights of the ratified contract include the retention of full maintenance of benefits, an additional week of vacation totaling 8 weeks, and the inclusion of Juneteenth as a thirteenth holiday. However, the most significant achievement of the agreement is the incorporation of the membership into the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension plan, ensuring financial security and stability for the future.

Nancy Enders-Bashaw, a Dispatcher and committee member, expressed her pride in the unit's solidarity throughout the negotiation process, stating, “As a member of the clerical unit at Newby Island, I'm proud of us all for standing strong in solidarity during the process of negotiations. By doing so, we have taken a positive step forward with this contract for our future and for all our future Teamsters 350 clerical members."

Business Representative Sergio Arranaga emphasized the determination of the clerical group in securing financial security and equitable treatment, stating, “A fierce clerical group demanding financial security for their future and to finally have a pension that reflects the years of hard work and service. This clerical group wanted the same financial and job protections that this company has been offering to the driver's groups over the years. With the addition to the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Fund, including improved benefits, and with recognition of Juneteenth as a paid holiday, we were able to meet the goals of our unit while enhancing overall workplace equity."

Chartered on October 8, 1936, Teamsters Local 350 represents members throughout the Bay Area who work in the public sector, the solid waste and recycling industry, the laundry industry, and other various trades. For more information, visit teamsters350.com/.