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Member Profile: Fernando Reyes

On February 12, 2010, Brother Fernando Reyes embarked upon a significant journey by joining the South San Francisco Scavenger Company. Over the past almost fourteen years, he has been a committed Teamster Local 350 member and steward, unwavering in his dedication to his community and fellow workers.

Hailing from Nochistlan, Zacatecas, Mexico, Fernando’s journey as a union member spans 14 years as a Teamster and 12 years as a shop steward. His dedication to his craft and his community has made him a respected figure within the union and beyond.

Reflecting on his journey, Fernando expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work for a company that is represented by the Local Union that has negotiated those benefits that provide for his family. “I was blessed with the opportunity to work for a company that makes a difference in the community. I want to continue working here because it holds a bright future for myself and my family," says Brother Reyes.

For Fernando, being a Teamster goes beyond mere membership; “I’m proud to be a Teamster because it’s more than a Union; it’s being part of a family that helps and supports the working people. He also recognizes and embraces the role of making a tangible difference in his community’s future. 

Fernando’s journey within the union has been one of growth and learning. Starting from the sorting belt, he has worked his way up to become a commercial driver, experiencing various aspects of the work field and gaining invaluable knowledge along the way. His role as a shop steward has further enriched his understanding of worker rights and advocacy.

One of Fernando’s proudest moments was being a guest speaker for Proposition AB316 in Sacramento, representing Teamsters Local 350. This opportunity allowed him to advocate for important issues impacting workers and their families, a moment he cherishes not just for himself but also for his family.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Fernando finds joy in spending time with his family, especially during baseball season. A strong believer in doing what one loves, he emphasizes, “My favorite season is baseball season. I enjoy playing and going to the baseball games with my kids. I am a strong believer of ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.'"

Fernando Reyes exemplifies the spirit of dedication, community, and advocacy that defines the essence of a union member. His journey serves as an inspiration to all those striving to make a positive impact in their workplaces and communities.