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Mission Trail Waste Systems Unanimously Approves Successor Agreement!

(San Jose, CA) On December 20, 2023, the membership at the Santa Clara-based employer, Mission Trail Waste Systems, unanimously voted to approve their successor agreement, which contains area tandard setting increases, retaining full maintenance of benefits, and improving fringe benefits with the additions of Juneteenth as a thirteenth holiday and nine weeks of vacation.
The bargaining committee consisted of lead negotiator Brother Sergio Arranaga, three elected committee members, Brother Luis Meza, Victor Rodriguez, Marco Bonilla, and several Local 350 representatives.
The agreement comes on the heels of a recent strike authorization vote taken on November 7, 2023, when negotiations had come to a halt.
“When a group stands in solidarity, it’s more than just unity; it’s a powerful force that paves the way for victory. At Mission Trail Waste Systems, one unified voice spoke up for what they rightfully deserved in their successor agreement, reflecting their unwavering determination and hard work.” said Brother Arranaga. “The membership at MTWS resoundingly expressed their desire to set the gold standard in the South Bay region. Their steadfast resolve led to an impressive economic package and enhanced fringe benefit, an outcome that not only fulfills their aspirations but also sets a new benchmark for the entire South Bay region.”
The unit provides residential, commercial, and industrial collection services for trash, recycling, and organics and is the franchised hauling company for portions of the City of Santa Clara and the entire City of Los Altos.
Brother Meza, who also serves as one of the units shop stewards, said, “The strike vote showed the union and employer that the members really were on the same page, and we were willing to go the distance with the support of the Union if contract terms weren’t met; however, the overall experience was very positive – The union made the employer understand the demands of its employees by being strong and extremely confident. Local 350 never let the company take control of the negotiations.”
Teamsters Local 350, founded on October 8, 1936, serves as the representative body for members across the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry, Laundry Division, and Public Sector Division in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Benito Counties.
Fight together, win together!