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Clerical Unit at South Bay Recycling Unanimously Approve New Agreement

(San Carlos, CA) On November 17, 2023 the clerical unit, consisting of four individuals currently employed by South Bay Recycling, has unanimously approved its successor collective bargaining agreement with the incoming employer, South Bayside Industries, Inc., on November 16, 2023. The effective date of the new agreement is January 1, 2024. Noteworthy enhancements in worker protection language, the codification of established practices, and an unprecedentedly favorable package make this agreement the most lucrative ever received by the unit.

Lead Negotiator Robert Sandoval expressed satisfaction, stating, “This small yet crucial group plays a vital role in the daily operations of the facility. With open communication and transparency with the new employer, we were able to present a comprehensive package that received approval. The positive outcome exemplifies the collaborative efforts of the Local Union and Employer, showcasing that these relationships can be cooperative rather than adversarial. When an employer prioritizes the well-being of its workers, it fosters a better working environment for everyone.”

South Bayside Industries, the new employer, successfully secured the bidding process for the three collective bargaining units at the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos. The bargaining committee, consisting of Business Representative Robert Sandoval, Vice-President & Trustee Joey Gomes, and bargaining unit member Sister Rukmini Panda, played a pivotal role in the negotiations.

Sister Rukmini Panda expressed gratitude, saying, “My sincere thanks to Local 350, especially Robert Sandoval, Joey Gomes, and John Bouchard, for their assistance in negotiating a successful agreement for the next five years. It was an honor to represent the entire clerical unit of South Bay Recycling during the negotiations. I appreciated the exchange of proposals, sharing of ideas, and collaborative problem-solving. We are delighted with the economic benefits, including the highest wages and pension we’ve ever received and the addition of a thirteenth holiday on Juneteenth. The entire process emphasized the hard work we have done in the past and will continue to do in the future to support the company’s operation and growth. The unit extends its gratitude to Local 350 for ensuring our well-being, job protection, equality, and promoting a culture of diversity.”

Teamsters Local 350, founded on October 8, 1936, serves as the representative body for members across the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry, Laundry Division, and Public Sector Division in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Benito Counties.

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