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  • Allied Waste Services of Daly City Ratifies New Five-Year Deal!; Includes first-ever Republic Services unit with Juneteenth as 13th holiday!

Allied Waste Services of Daly City Ratifies New Five-Year Deal!; Includes first-ever Republic Services unit with Juneteenth as 13th holiday!

On June 1, 2023, Teamsters Local 350 members at Republic Services/Allied Waste Services of Daly City ratified a historic five-year successor collective bargaining agreement, marking a significant milestone for the union and its members. The new agreement includes several highlights that will benefit the hardworking and dedicated workers of the unit.

One of the key achievements of the agreement is the largest economic package ever received by the Allied Waste Services of Daly City unit. This package ensures that the workers are recognized for their hard work and
dedication with well-deserved compensation.  Additionally, the agreement includes improvements to worker protection language, providing enhanced employee safeguards and rights.

A noteworthy change in the contract is the removal of the mandatory exhaustion of paid time off when off on workers’ compensation. This change acknowledges the importance of ensuring that workers who are injured on the job receive the necessary time off without unnecessary deductions from their paid time off benefits.

In addition to these significant improvements, it is the first-ever contract within the division to include thirteen holidays, with the addition of Juneteenth. This historic inclusion recognizes the importance of Juneteenth, a
day commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, and reflects the commitment of the union to honor and celebrate diversity.

Lead negotiator and Business Representative Robert Sandoval highlighted the challenges faced during the negotiations, emphasizing the importance of fighting for the workers’ rights. He said, “Going into negotiations, we knew there would be an uphill battle to level the playing field economically. However, we did not see that as an impediment but rather used it to our advantage, letting the Company know that our members deserve the same level of dignity and respect for performing one of the country’s top five most dangerous jobs. This includes a truly historic and first-of-its-kind addition of an additional holiday, Juneteenth, totaling thirteen holidays. It is well overdue and well deserved."

The impact of this new contract goes beyond the specific unit at Republic Services/Allied Waste Services of Daly City. By setting the area standard in San Mateo County, it establishes a benchmark for other units
within the region to aspire to. This achievement reflects the dedication and perseverance of the bargaining committee and the Local Union.

Luis Estrada, a twenty-three-year member, four-time bargaining committee, and shop steward expressed his admiration for the negotiation process, stating, “I’ve learned that every negotiation is a battle with the Company – It’s not an easy task. I want to commend my representative, Brother Robert Sandoval, for how he navigated negotiations to ensure we got what we deserved. As a unit, we had our expectations, but I’m proud to say that with a great job again from Teamsters Local 350, we were able to attain more."

Victor Garcia, another bargaining committee member, shared his appreciation for the union’s representation and the successful outcome of the negotiations. He stated, “The way the Union represents us and listens to our concerns and addresses them to Republic Services to come to an agreement on the new five-year contract was truly eye-opening. The union representatives have a thankless position. Going through this process, I’m appreciative of our union, Teamsters Local 350!."

Secretary-Treasurer John Bouchard expressed the union’s long-term plan to bring all contracts up to their respective area standards. He stated, “The Local Union has had a systematic long-term plan to bring all these contracts up to their respective area standards, and we are now bearing the fruits of that plan. We’ve built on the legacy work provided by our predecessors and members to raise the bar for all working men and women within the industry. Now that Juneteenth has been recognized as a thirteenth holiday, we hope that a domino effect begins throughout all Republic Services units and within the industry."

Teamsters Local 350 was chartered on October 8, 1936, and proudly represents members in the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry, Bakery & Laundry Division, and Public Sector Division in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Benito Counties.