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California Waste Solutions Clerical Unit Rejects Employer Proposal

On December 20, 2022, the ten-person California Waste Solutions Clerical unit unanimously voted down the employer’s proposal, setting the stage for a potential strike.

Due to the prolonged negotiation process and pattern of bad-faith bargaining by the employer, the unit strategically took a strike-authorization vote early on.

California Waste Solutions and its ownership group fail to recognize how committed this particular unit is. This group of predominantly women of color will fight to ensure they receive a fair contract that keeps them
on par with the local economic market." Said President Sergio Arranaga. “Through their entire tenure, and especially through the pandemic, they came to work every day, and the company does not take their concerns seriously."

The impending strike could potentially shut down all curbside residential recycle pick-up in the City of San Jose and simultaneously halt the California Waste Solutions material recovery facility.

“It’s disturbing that the company is attempting to remove inherited labor working protections to this group by wanting the ability to subcontract bargaining unit work. We will shut down this company if need be; we will not allow our members, no matter the size of the unit, to be bullied,"said Vice-President Larry Daugherty

The Local Union and the California Waste Solutions bargaining team have scheduled dates to meet to continue negotiations.