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Recology Mountain View/South Bay Approve New Five-Year Deal!

One week ago today, by a vote of seventy to two, members working at Recology Mountain View and Recology South Bay voted to ratify a new five-year deal. This contract provides improved compensation, maintains its full maintenance of benefits, and additional worker protection language.

“This was a long, hard-fought negotiation. Our members knew their worth, and we’re not willing to fall behind. We made sure they either kept up with the industry standard or be the leaders for their region. This is a unique group because of the number of different municipalities these essential workers have to service. As the pandemic forced itself upon us, our essential worker-members understood the need to be patient and rise to the occasion to make sure that the solid waste and recycling was removed from the city streets.  Fight Together, Win Together is not just a battle cry; it’s a movement to make sure that our members fight to maintain a quality of life for themselves and their families.” Said President and lead negotiator Sergio Arrañga. “Our committee members were a crucial part of strengthening this contract; their knowledge about the day to day operations allowed us to hold the company accountable on all aspects.”  The member-elected committee was chaired by Brother Sean Hicks, Sean Baxter, and Brother Alberto Ramos. Collectively, they hold almost seventy-years of experience.

“I am extremely happy with this new contract. As drivers, we are compensated fairly & our medical was left intact. No one ever gets everything they want, but you always want to feel like you received the best deal possible, and at the end of the day, I feel the Union did that for us. At times, negotiations were tense, but I commend the Union for not caving in and for fighting for us.” said Brother Sean Hicks.

This unit services the city of Mountain View, the city of Cupertino, the city of Santa Clara and Santa Clara County.