COVID-19 Update

March 31, 2020

Re: Covid-19 update

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Thank you once again to all our members who are helping our communities by working during these uncertain times.  You truly are heroes.  It has been two weeks now since the shelter in place order was issued, and it looks like it will be extended.

We are fortunate in our industry that most of our members are still working, receiving paychecks and healthcare, and able to support their families.  In this regard, I’m grateful that sanitation was deemed essential services.  We are working as hard as possible to ensure this continues to be the case, even with the drastic reduction in volume companies are experiencing.  These are stressful times for everyone, and our goal is to ensure that lack of a job or income are not things you and your family need to stress over.

As I have said in previous updates, our main priorities are keeping you and your families safe and healthy, and making sure you can continue to provide for your families by protecting your jobs and income.

This is what we are doing:

  • Continuing to monitor PPE being provided by employers so that our members can work in as safe an environment as possible under the circumstances. This has been challenging for everyone due to the shortage of materials and much of the equipment is being prioritized for healthcare workers.  If you are not being provided proper PPE, contact your Business Representative.
  • Working with employers to keep all members working, for as long as possible.
  • Working with employers to ensure that if members need to be sent home due to lack of work, they suffer no reduction in wages or benefits.
  • Securing additional paid time off for Covid-19 related absences, so members do not have to use all their contractual paid leave to care for themselves or their families.
  • Working politically at the state level to secure emergency funding for employers, so they can continue to afford payroll and benefits.

If your employer has not notified you of their Covid-19 risk mitigation plan, or how they will handle Covid-19 related absences, please contact your Business Representative to find out what your specific employer has committed to.

Furthermore, please visit our app and/or website for additional information regarding Covid-19.

As always, we wish you and your families continued safety and health.  We will continue to fight for our members.

In Solidarity,

John Bouchard