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A message from San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney

“I just want to take a moment to say thank you so much to all of the proud members of teamsters local 350, the garbagemen, women, material handlers mechanics and clerical staff. Our cities, our counties, our communities absolutely could not run without you all. I know how much pride you take in the work that you do. I know how much people in this community that I represent and communities across Northern California appreciate the work that you do. This is a complicated uncertain unprecedented time but one thing that is completely clear is that you all being out there and continuing to do your work, continuing to make sure things operate the garbage and recycling is picked up, that people can count on our communities to actually continue to function that work continues to be so essential and so I just wanted to extend my appreciation and gratitude in solidarity. I know that we are all making sacrifices right now. I can’t imagine the sacrifices that you all are making and the challenges that we are all having with our families and financially and everything that’s happening. Schools being closed. But you all being out there means a lot to everyone that I represent and I want to appreciate you and extend my gratitude and solidarity. Thank you, we will get through this and with your hard work we will get through it so I appreciate you.” Supervisor Matt Haney⁣