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South Bay Recycling Semi-Drivers Unit Approve New Contract!

The semi-driver’s unit at  South Bay Recycling play a crucial role in the transportation of trash and recyclable materials in the Peninsula. They begin their early mornings at the Shoreway Environmental Center transfer station, which is located in San Carlos, to have their trailers loaded with commodities that are then transported to landfills all over the Bay Area. On October 10, 2019, the unit voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new five-year contract.

“We made it clear to the company that we would not accept anything less than what was asked of by the membership in our proposal meeting. I want to commend the drivers for being patient through the whole process. They elected committee members who provided the Local Union with all the information and insight to get a deal done that would be satisfactory for their fellow Brothers & Sisters,” said President Sergio Arrañaga.

The new contract provides significant wage increases throughout the life of the agreement, with the first year being at a $2.00 increase for all hours worked retroing back to January 1, 2019. In addition, the members maintained full Maintenance of Benefits and improved language on worker protections.

“Continuing to secure health benefits for our families was important,” said Brother Mark Lema, a 15-year member. “The time and effort put in by our union reps to help protect us on a daily basis gave me deeper respect for them and the process. I would also like to say that Joseph Gomes is amazing and puts himself out to help with the most difficult issues and handles everything amazingly”