A Family Affair

September 26, 2019 Robert Sandoval 0 Comments

With over 16 family members being current or former members of the union, The Bay Area solid waste industry and Local 350 runs deep within the Ibanez family.

Marcos Ibanez, who’s been a member since 2018, recalls some of his fondest childhood memories of having the opportunity to ride along on his dad’s truck routes. His father, Luis Ibanez, has been in the solid waste industry in the South Bay since 1981.

Brother Marcos Ibanez has always idolized his father and was inspired to follow in the footsteps of what became somewhat of a family heritage. “My dad was the biggest inspiration to become a garbage truck driver. As a kid growing up, I would always tell myself that I wanted to be one".

Today, not only is he living out his aspirations, as being a garbage man, he has the distinct privilege of working alongside his father. Currently a relief driver at GreenTeam of San Jose, he sometimes gets the opportunity to work right next to him on the route. “Working with my dad is one of the biggest blessings that I hold right now. I see him every day, and we talk about work, safety, routes at home. He’s exactly the person that I want to imitate, at home or at work, my dad has been a massive support block in my life".

We thank Brother Ibanez and his whole family for being proud members of Teamsters Local 350 and for all the hard work they do.