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West Bay Sanitary District Ratify New M.O.U.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, the Teamsters Local 350 members at West Bay Sanitary District in Menlo Park, CA voted overwhelmingly to ratify their new Memorandum of Understanding.  

“There were several issues that we had to address in regards to language. Step increases and pension contributions were amongst the highest in priority,” said Recording Secretary Juan Coca. “Eric and Damian Madrigal, no relation, demonstrated true leadership during the negotiation process and were able to focus on those issues. The culmination of their focus led us to achieve a much-improved contract for our members.”

Operating sewer cleaning equipment, as well as construction equipment, they inspect and repair the sanitary sewer systems for the communities located in the southern end of San Mateo County.

“The growth rate and expansion of this part of the Bay Area would not be possible without the daily hard-work and operations of our member. They provide a critical service to these communities, and I am glad we were able to secure the benefits and economic package they were seeking,’ adds Principal Officer and Secretary-Treasurer John Bouchard.