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City of Los Altos Teamsters Ratify New Agreement!

On July 18, 2019, Teamsters Local 350 members employed by the City of Los Altos unanimously voted in favor of a new three-year Memorandum of Understanding.

“This contract provides the security and advancement our members are seeking to obtain for the next three years,” said Recording Secretary and lead negotiator Juan Coca. “This lucrative M.O.U. provides more than just an increase in wages; it delivers full health care coverage, a path to enhancing the retiree benefits and recognition for our units’ efforts in the form of incentive pay.”

The men and women of this unit provide a broad spectrum of services throughout the City of Los Altos, which has a population of a little below 29,000 residents. These range from maintaining the streets and parks to repairs in plumbing and walls in facilities to the sewer systems.  

“The work, our members, do is unparalleled in quality since it helps the city to preserve the quality of services the community of Los Altos expects. They are the unsung heroes of the city,” said Juan Coca.

“I’d like to commend our members Robert Jimenez and Matthew Estrella for being advocates for the units needs and sticking together to present an M.O.U. that was passed unanimously. I’d also like to give praise to Recording Secretary Juan Coca for taking this process head-on and getting one of the most rewarding contracts this unit has ever seen,” said Secretary-Treasurer John Bouchard