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Recology San Mateo Ratifies New Contract!

Fight Together, Win Together. Teamsters Local 350 slogan was never more evident throughout the entire process with the Recology San Mateo Drivers unit. On January 3, 2019, members of the Recology San Mateo Drivers unit voted in an overwhelming fashion to approve a new contract.

Starting from the proposal meeting, the negotiating committee had a clear objective going into bargaining with Recology San Mateo. After several months, and minor movement from the company, the local union held a strike sanction vote which was unanimously approved by all 145 members present. The negotiating committee, led by Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer John Bouchard, went back to the table and was able to secure significant increases in wages with industry leading language, to protect his members.

“The members were adamant that they wanted the first year in wages to be substantial. We were able to do just that by frontloading the contract and getting a $2.00 increase. Also, all wages will be retroed to January 1, 2019. In addition, we added protections in the disciplinary process, full maintenance of benefits, and pension increases. This contract sets the bar for the rest of San Mateo County." Said Secretary-Treasurer John Bouchard.

Vital to the process, were Brother Brian Marshall, Brother Larry Yarbrough, and Brother Michael Montalbano. This veteran committee has been part of several contract negotiations and did a fantastic job advocating for their members.

“Although it took considerably longer than the last three contracts that I’ve done, it was worth the wait. The biggest improvements I’ve seen for this contract were the language improvements. This language supports my members’ right as workers, and that is key. We stuck together and made it clear on what was most important to us. By doing that, we were able to attain what we wanted." said Brother Brian Marshall.

“Being brothers and united throughout this whole process is what it’s all about. We are all looking for a collective bargaining agreement that benefits us all, and we were able to achieve just that," said Brother Michael Montalbano.

Chartered on October 8th, 1936, Sanitary Truck Drivers & Helpers Teamsters Local 350 is an affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and represents members in the Solid Waste Division and public sector.